Stickers & Stationery

April M Designs

Hailing from Halifax, I create cute and fun work from fanart to original creations.

Bahamut Dawn Creations

Bahamut Dawn Creations is run by a husband and wife team! One who specializes in prop making, the other in apparel, jewellery, plushies, charms, and more! We are based out of Ontario, Canada.


🐝🐝DO YOU BEE-LIEVE?🐝🐝 BUZZ UP! Join the Hive.


Hello, I’m Brownrabbits! I specialize in whimsical merchandise and cute prints. In my spare time, I like to make comics and videos on youtube. Thanks!

Charlie Ngo Art

I’m an artist who quit their studio job after a physical and mental health breakdown. Now I create happy content for unhappy times. I hope my art helps with your healing journey as it has helped me!


I love creating cute shiba artwork that spark joy to myself and hopefully to people around me! I’m looking into finding more dog friends to draw in the future!


Hi there! My name is Kaitlin and I run DillPickleDoodles, a cute and sassy brand that sells apparel, pins, stickers and charms. I love 80’s teen movies, video games and of course, eating dill pickles!

Dino & Panda Art

Dino & Panda and Lambie are my main characters, appearing in paintings and drawings of their various adventures. My artwork is dedicated to making people smile every day!

Duludulu Design

A cute shop featuring shoujo anime and kawaii enamel pins and stickers


heyyyyyyy its dd, an illustrator and comic artist from vancouver!! i like drawing witches and plants; i got loads of merch for u to see n__n ☘


Hello! The name is Elle and my mascot is a sassy trouble maker named Bad Calamari. The shop has a bit of everything – from wood charms to pins and stickers. We hope you are all staying safe!


Hello! I’m Everest, a digital freelance artist. I most often draw art for the games, movies and tv shows I love. I sell stickers, buttons, charms and more on my Etsy shop and sometimes cons! Thanks!


I make skincare/handmade items and art mostly based on the fandoms I’m into. Talk to me about JoJo and YWPD! If you enjoy my style please follow me for updates, thanks!

Hōkō Studios

I’m Hōkō, a traditional illustrator who mostly specializes in game- and mouse-themed art. I’m available for custom work and also offer vinyl stickers, art prints, pencil bags, and originals.


Jellyrolldesigns was created to show our appreciation for aesthetics and feed our passion to create! Located in Canada, we are heavily inspired by Anime, Arts, and Music.


Hello! I’m jempai_draws (formerly known as reincarnationz)! I sell buttons, pins, charms, stickers, and prints! (And psst~ Lots of my usual at-con bundle deals are in my online store!) 👀👌✨


Jenh is an illustrator from Vancouver, BC. She is inspired by day-to-day life, emotions, and nostalgia.


I’m a young artist living in northern Canada who balances full time work, school and conventions! I love cute girls, robots, flowers and tea! Please reach out to me to chat or if you have questions!


Hi All, hope everyone is doing well currently! My name is Linh and I sell kawaii things like pins, charms, stickers and lanyards. I sew some felt things also. Thank you <3


Known by her alias KimikoYuki online, Kimberly Leong is a freelance illustrator and the creator of “S Corp,” an action-fantasy manga.


Kristine “krispy” Hu is a freshly-sprouted comicker and animator from Vancouver, BC, with a particular penchant for silly and colourful things.

Laura Rivera

Laura Rivera is the author of Ninja X, an all ages graphic novel. She also sells stickers and prints. Available for commissions as well.


I’m lilp and I make stickers! Please check me out for some cute animal crossing, fire emblem, and haikyuu content!


I’m a professional artist and animation-type human living in Vancouver! I do fanart for Critial Role, YOI, VLD, MLB, as well as commissions.

Meg-chan Doodles

Hi, I’m Meg-chan! I’m a merch maker and illustrator drawing all things cats, CATS and MORE CATS! With the occasional doge, meme and pretty boy artwork. I make prints, pins and stickers 🙂

Mirai Wonder Cafe

Mirai Wonder Cafe is an Akiba-inspired pop-up cafe at AE! Our online shop helps us fund catering, etc for our events! ♡


Hiya! I’m Nekomatan and I draw male idol stuff (Utapri, i7) as well as various mobage (GBF), OCs, and others. If there’s a series you think I’d be interested in, shoot me a message! Stay safe!


Hey there! My artist name is Nellipset and I’m looking forward to seeing you all next year at Anievo. I make fanart for anime and video games like Demon Slayer and Fire Emblem. 🙂

Nikki Scott

My name is Nikki and I make handmade chainmaille and wire wrapped jewelry, dice bags, and accessories. I also love to draw and have recently started adding art stickers to my Etsy Shop.


I draw chibi birds and tattoo dragons, pins and charms, stickers and prints. Somehow both soft and edgy with no middle ground.


I love moe and drawing cute characters!


Hi! I draw a lot of fanart for whatever I’m watching/playing, which is usually Fire Emblem. Most of my stuff is digital but it depends on my mood. Thanks for having a look at my work!


Hello! I’m Miku Komori, currently based in Toronto, Ontario. I started my artist journey just a little over a year ago and have loved it ever since. I make enamel pins, acrylic charms, and stationery of both original and fan art. Oh and I LOVE dogs.


Hi! I run PindieGamer, a little Pintendo and Squenix themed shop full of pins, soft things, and misc gifts in between! Hope you like what you see!


Hi I am an artist that is looking to make more friends online and share art that I make. I like video games and anime so join me and for whatever I’m up to in my social media.

Rakugaki Emy

Hi there! I’m Emy and I like to create cute anime and video game fanart merch which include acrylic charms, stickers, and bookmarks. My current favorite series are FGO, My Hero Academia, and Kirby!


My name is R51! I am a freelance artist from Vancouver. I sell fan art and original merchandise on my Storenvy shop, and I am also open for illustration commissions. Thanks for checking out my work! ☆

Razumi Yazura

Hello! I’m Razumi. I’m an artist, writer, resin crafter, and voice actor. I’ve created a variety of stickers, resin jewellery, enamel pins, acrylic charms, etc. My commissions are also currently open.


Sam Kalensky is an independent artist from Vancouver, BC who’s Trademark style is vivid colours, quirky characters, and slick and silly smears. Sam’s been selling handmade at events since 2010!

scarlet wings kaili

Since graduating from Emily Carr, Scarlet Wings Kaili has been keeping busy by publishing her fantasy + mental health graphic novel series, Halfsoul.


Hi I’m Lily! I’m a graphic designer and illustrator who loves anime and cute mascot characters! I believe that memeing is a way of life. I also really like eyelashes and sparkles✨✨✨


Hello~We are a group of artists and crafters that create works related to Anime and lolita fashion accessories, hope you can enjoy our creations !

Tawny Illustrations

Hello! My names Tawny. I create kawaii items like art, pins, keychains, and more! I am heavily influenced by 90’s magical girls, and jfashion!


tea/thi is a local artist who draws sometimes. she has a lot of cute items both in digital and traditional mediums. you may recognize her and her sister as one of the “jeezuscon2020” people!


Hi all!~ My name is Marie and I’m an artist based in Toronto and I LOVE drawing all things cute! I have a variety of merch from simple pin back buttons to embroidery hats! Use the code “STAYHOME” for 20% off all items on my Etsy during the event!


I sell art of food + cute mascots! Fandoms include Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Studio Ghibli. Current products are prints, acrylic charms, and bookmarks! Thanks for your support!


Hello! I am a Canadian artist and plush maker who is currently studying animation. I have mostly stickers and plushies but a bit of other things too so come see if there’s anything you’d like!


Hello! I’m VII, an independent artist from Ontario! I have a thing for drawing pretty boys and buff boys! I love to draw my favourite characters/ships & OCs! Have fun browsing my shop~ ^_^♥


Independent artist making cute anime inspired art. I sell acrylic charms, stickers, prints, shirts, and I also take commissions. Any support is super appreciated.~

Yuli / Pastel Highway

Hello! My name is Yuli! I mainly make enamel pins, stickers, stationery, and charms that revolve around pastel and bunny things! I also draw a lot about anime and games!