If you have any questions that you need to direct specifically to a person in charge, the following page provides you with their e-mail address so you can get in contact with them. Keep in mind, if it is a general question, it may be best to post a message on the Facebook page in the appropriate place. We have people who roam the Facebook page daily and someone will gladly answer your question as soon as possible.

Before you contact someone via e-mail

  • Check our Facebook Page or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before asking any questions. Not only could your question already be answered, with the Facebook page you may be able to find out that others may be experiencing similar issues.
  • If you’re having a registration problem, read the Facebook page before anything else! Chances are that you’ll be referred there if you’re asking something that has been asked already by others, and it’ll save you a few days of waiting for a response that’ll end up going elsewhere.
  • All website issues are the responsibility of the Website Administrator.
  • All forum related issues are the responsibility of the Forum Administrator.
  • E-mailing the chairperson or the vice-chairperson will not garner you a faster response. Please e-mail the appropriate person or refer yourself to the FAQ or Facebook page.

Also, e-mail responses can take a few days, and as the convention gets closer, it gets more difficult to respond via e-mail. Please give as much patience as possible, as we’re only able to process e-mails as quickly as we can do so without hindering other important work.

Contact us by other means besides E-mail

In the event you need to contact us in a formal means, you may send mail to the following address:

Vancouver Anime Convention Society
318 – 7151 121 St
Surrey, B.C.
V3W 0E7

Phone: (604) 265-8227

E-mailing Convention Staff

Please read the note above before e-mailing any of the staff listed below, as doing this will ensure that your e-mail will get to the appropriate person.

General Info: info@animeevolution.com

Convention Email

Arka Movsessian, Presidentarka@animeevolution.com(604) 265-8227, ext 6101
Kenneth Ng, Vice Presidentken@animeevolution.com(604) 265-8227, ext 3913
VACANT*, Community Liaisoninfo@animeevolution.com(604) 265-8227, ext 3739
VACANT*, Registration Managerregistration@animeevolution.com
Kenneth Ng, Programming Departmentprogramming@animeevolution.com
Arka Movsessian, Vendors Coordinatorvendors@animeevolution.com
Arka Movsessian, Artists Coordinatorarka@animeevolution.com(604) 265-8227, ext 6101
Thomas Lee, Volunteer Coordinatorvolunteers@animeevolution.com
Mikal Petersen, Tabletop Gaming Managertabletop@animeevolution.com

*Contact Arka if there’s any artist alley-related inquiries