Magic the Gathering booster draft 

Come join us for a booster drafts all weekend long. 

Booster Draft is a limited format in which players pass booster packs around the table and choose cards to construct a deck. Players each have 3 booster packs.  Players open one booster pack and choose one card from the pack and then pass the remaining cards to the player on their left.  They will continue until all cards have been chosen from the first booster pack.  Repeat this process for the next two boosters, switching the direction in which the boosters are passed around the table.  Once all the packs have been drafted, everyone builds a deck from the cards they have selected.  You may add as many basic lands (Plains, Islands, Swamps, Mountains, and Forests) to your deck as you’d like, but each deck must have at least 40 cards. 

8 person drafts will be run as swiss drafts.  Less than 8 person drafts will be run as casual, single game Conspiracy style events. 

Time:  Firing Hourly until 1PM Sunday| Format: CHAOS Booster Draft 

Mikal Peterson 

Chaos – $12 

Come join us for a Chaos format booster draft using random packs. 

Magic the Gathering team play 


Imperial Hobbies 

Cost: FREE 


Offered all weekend, for players looking to kill a little time (and some mythical creatures). Sample decks will be available to learn how to play Magic the Gathering. 

Board Games 

Cost: FREE 

The Connection Games and Comics will be providing their games library for a multitude of board game action. This will include Zombicide.