General Rules and Policies

  1. Each participant must have a valid Anime Evolution Badge.
  2. Each entry must submit the following prior to the deadline:
    • Performance Audio (Microphones will not be available onstage for contestants to use. More details can be found in Performance Rules & Guidelines)
    • Progress photos: at least 2 photos per costume from any angle of any size and at any stage of construction. This does not count as your construction portfolio during your construction judging. These photos are to ensure that the cosplay exists and/or that work on it has begun.
    • Completed General Release & Waiver Form(s) for each participant.
    • Completed Cosplay Contest Registration Form (see below for form).
  3. All group leaders of each entry must check-in with the Cosplay Contest Event Manager. Details will be sent out to each group leader.
  4. A roll-call and pre-show meeting will be conducted 30 minutes before the start of the contest at a designated area. All representative from the group must be present. If there is a reason you cannot attend or will be late to the meeting, please contact the Cosplay Contest Event Manager as soon as possible.
  5. Each entry may only appear on stage one time. Each person may only participate in one entry.
  6. On stage rehearsals are not guaranteed. Please be prepared to adapt and perform without previous rehearsal time. If rehearsal time is granted, please be on time or else you will forfeit your rehearsal time.
  7. Each entry is limited to a maximum of 5 cosplayers per group. Aids, escorts, and stage ninjas do not count towards the group maximum but should not outnumber the group entry. For special circumstances, please contact the Cosplay Contest Event Manager.
  8. Limited At-Con/Late registration will be available at the Cosplay Contest if space permits. We reserve the right to refuse additional entrees.
  9. A total of 35 entries will be allowed to compete. In case of dropouts, the waiting list will be limited to 10 entries.
  10. Staff of Anime Evolution 2017 and members of the VACS are NOT eligible to compete in the Cosplay Contest. This does not include Attendee Volunteers.

Awards To Be Won:

  • Judges Choice
  • People’s Choice
  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place

Costume Rules and Guidelines

  1. Costumes can be from any anime, manga, comic, graphic novel or video game. (Cross-overs and mixed genres are also permissible)
  2. Costumes based on fan-art, custom creations, or a design that deviates greatly from the original source should personally check in with the Cosplay Contest Event Manager prior to day zero to consider eligibility for the competition. These will be handled on a case by case basis. The Cosplay Contest Event Manager reserves the right to deny eligibility.
  3. All costumes and props must be made by at least one member of the group to qualify for craftsmanship judging. Commercially acquired costume sets are still eligible for performance awards, but are not eligible for craftsmanship awards. Found, salvaged, or altered costumes and props are still be eligible for craftsmanship judging.
  4. All props must conform to Anime Evolution’s Weapons Policy & Code of Conduct. Limited exceptions can be provided in extreme cases such as large mechas, multi-person costumes, or excessively large props.
  5. Costumes should be self-contained and self-sufficient. Connections to electrical sockets will not be available. Please secure your own escort if you have a bulky costumes that might require an aid to move or see. We will do our best to make sure every contestant appears on stage. If the costume is bulky, please be aware that we may not be able to get the contestant on the stage, but we may still let them perform. Please be prepared to walk up 4-6 stairs in the event that a lift or ramp is not available.

Performance Rules and Guidelines

Cosplay Contest participants can choose to enter a short performance (dance, skit, etc…) or simply do a walk-on to display a costume or costume(s). Please be aware that tech rehearsals will not be guaranteed. As such, please be sure to check through our technical requirements and guidelines to make sure that your audio files will play properly.


  • Adhere to the 5 minute time limit.
    • MC introductions will not count towards the performance time.
    • Note that while 5 minutes is the upper limit,a longer skit does not necessarily mean a better skit. 2-3 minutes is generally the best length to aim for.
  • Audio: Any sound necessary to express your performance (i.e. music, pre-recorded dialogue, sound effects).
    • Must be comparable to a PG rating– no profanity or offensive language. Bleeps or other forms of censoring are acceptable.
    • Should not exceed 5 minutes.
    • Must be MP3 format.
    • Must have minimum 192 bitrate.
    • Try to avoid audio quality defects (audible distortion, overdriven levels, low sample-rate/bitrate) as it will affect your performance score.


  1. All Skit contestants must follow the guidance and instruction of all AE staff.
  2. All Skit contestants must comply with the Anime Evolution’s Code of Conduct, the host venue’s coordinances, and comply with a PG rating.
  3. Any presentations with stunts, extreme or shocking performances must be approved by the event manager and assistant manager before the event. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and /or expulsion.
  4. The use of flash powder, fireworks, lasers, electrical flashes or smoke machines are STRICTLY prohibited unless cleared by the department manager and assistant manager.

Any debris left on stage must be quickly cleaned by stage hands in less than 10 seconds. Interaction with the MC, judges, or the audience is prohibited while on stage