Bahamut Dawn Creations

Bahamut Dawn Creations is run by a husband and wife team! One who specializes in prop making, the other in apparel, jewellery, plushies, charms, and more! We are based out of Ontario, Canada.

Dino & Panda Art

Dino & Panda and Lambie are my main characters, appearing in paintings and drawings of their various adventures. My artwork is dedicated to making people smile every day!


I make skincare/handmade items and art mostly based on the fandoms I’m into. Talk to me about JoJo and YWPD! If you enjoy my style please follow me for updates, thanks!

Make Merri

Hello! I’m Merri and I like making things that make you merry too! At Make Merri you’ll find quirky & cute, yet useful & eco-friendly items: cozies, badges, toys, pouch, make up scrubby, accessories..

Mirai Wonder Cafe

Mirai Wonder Cafe is an Akiba-inspired pop-up cafe at AE! Our online shop helps us fund catering, etc for our events! ♡

My Ear Candies

Sweet themed jewelry & accessories, with a hint of fun. I mail wherever in Canada & USA and can include a handwritten note if its a gift. 🙂

Nightbloom Creations

I make resin accessories including jewelry and charms, but also anime/game-themed bath products and melt-and-pour soaps!

Nikki Scott

My name is Nikki and I make handmade chainmaille and wire wrapped jewelry, dice bags, and accessories. I also love to draw and have recently started adding art stickers to my Etsy Shop.


Hi I am an artist that is looking to make more friends online and share art that I make. I like video games and anime so join me and for whatever I’m up to in my social media.

Razumi Yazura

Hello! I’m Razumi. I’m an artist, writer, resin crafter, and voice actor. I’ve created a variety of stickers, resin jewellery, enamel pins, acrylic charms, etc. My commissions are also currently open.

Yuli / Pastel Highway

Hello! My name is Yuli! I mainly make enamel pins, stickers, stationery, and charms that revolve around pastel and bunny things! I also draw a lot about anime and games!