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Volunteers are the livelihood of our event—they make it possible! Our passionate AE Staff and Volunteers dedicate their time and effort both throughout the year and at-con to keep Anime Evolution events running.

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About Volunteering

Not everyone knows that Anime Evolution events are put together by hundreds of volunteers who are donating their time and are driven by their passion for anime and Asian cultures. It is thanks to their work and dedication that everyone can have an enjoyable weekend. If it weren’t for them, our events wouldn’t be possible.
When you volunteer with us, you join a team of Staff and Volunteers who are passionate about working together to plan events, organize people, and help our attendees be safe. We are currently seeking people with a passion for fostering community who can manage time and resources effectively and communicate efficiently in high-energy environments. We also strive to be a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Staff and Volunteers are expected to work towards maintaining this safe space.

Types of Volunteers

The primary difference between the various levels of volunteering & staffing are expectations and responsibilities.

Day-Of (Event) Volunteers

Event Volunteers assist Staff with a variety of tasks during the convention only and have fewer work requirements. Event Volunteers may be assigned to assist with one or more different departments, for multiple shifts.

Volunteers function as a support to the staff members. They often assist with smaller tasks such as line control, handing out materials, and making deliveries between convention departments

VACS Members – Event Staff

Staff members are more involved in the planning stages before Anime Evolution, as well as the daily operations during Anime Evolution and other events.

Staff members must put in more hours of work during the convention – 4 – 8 hours total at the very minimum. The work itself is also harder and more demanding. Staff have a higher accountability and responsibility to the convention and its members.

AE staff members may apply to specific departments and assist mainly with the department that they are assigned to.


Although all staff and volunteer positions are unpaid, there are a number of benefits to being a member of the Anime Evolution 2019 staff:

  1. Free pass (for yourself) to attend Anime Evolution 2019.
  2. No requirement to wait in line for programming events while off duty, as long as space is available.
  3. Volunteer/Work experience hours – for those that need them (time-sheet is provided!)
  4. Access to the “Dead Dog Party” after the convention is over.
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