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Harumatsuri 2019 event – Saturday, March 23 – Nikkei Centre, Burnaby



  • Each table comes with 2 chairs at no cost. Table cost is $60 and comes with 1 pass.
  • If your needing any additional passes, the cost is $10 per pass.
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  • If there's a specific request you need, please make a note here for our staff to better accommodate you. We will do our very best to fulfill it.
  • Exhibitor Code of Conduct

  • ● Fees must be paid within 14 days registering. If payment is not received within 14 days from registering, your table will be forfeit and offered to the next artist on the waiting list.

    ● All exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves professionally and follow Vancouver Anime Convention Society General Rules of Conduct and Convention policies in addition to any specific rules of the Exhibitor Hall. Individuals who display behavior that is considered damaging to individuals, harassing, damaging to individual property, convention, or venue property, is abusive towards convention staff or volunteers, may result in the loss of your Exhibitor Hall space without refund, and possible expulsion from the convention. If you have any concerns during the convention with the rules or someone’s conduct in the Exhibitor Hall, please bring them to the attention of the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator.

    ● Tables are registered to an artist at payment and may not be transferred. If you have purchased a table, and no longer want that table or cannot attend the convention, please inform the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator so that the table can be offered to a person on the waiting list.

    ● Artists who find themselves unable to attend may request a refund, less a 20$ service fee up to March 4th, 2019. After March 4th, no refunds will be given.

    ● Vancouver Anime Convention Society and the venue are not responsible for anything lost or stolen from the artist’s space.

    ● Photography and Video are only permitted in the hall with permission by the exhibitor (such as an interview by media) or by official convention photographers and videographers who will identify themselves to artists. General photography is not permitted in the hall and offenders should be reported to the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator.

    ● Harumatsuri does allow the sale of adult materials; however, because Harumatsuri is a family friendly event, all artists keep this in mind when setting up their displays and keep adult materials out of general view.

    ● Exhibitors are also responsible for asking for ID before selling any such materials to anyone. Any exhibitors found to be selling inappropriate material to minors will be removed from the Hall without appeal. What is constituted as “Unsuitable for minors” is up to the sole discretion of the Exhibitor Hall Coordinator.

    ● Any item that is not genuine and does not have a proper license to be sold will not be permitted in the Exhibitors Hall.

    Acceptable items for Artists

    ● Any product featuring the artist's’ own original characters, artwork, or intellectual property—this includes commercially produced items like books, bags, pins as long as the artist is the copyright holder of the material

    ● Commissioned or hand-drawn works made at the event or before provided they do not violate any other rule

    ● Commissions in general

    ● Fan art that is clearly the work of the artist and not the original license holder (No traces or direct reproductions of existing artwork such as screenshots or models, etc)

    ● Props that are clearly made by the artist, rather than that of a licensed nature

    Prohibited items for Artists

    ● Any item with ”traced” official art, ‘photoshopped’ official art, or trademarked symbols.

    ● Craft items containing ‘official art’

    ● Commercially-produced official products

    ● 2nd or 3rd party art sales are not permitted; artists must sell their own artwork or artwork they were a party to helping make and be present at the convention.

    ● No food, snacks, or beverages may be sold

    ● Props that are replicas of existing licensed merchandise

    ● Used or new commercial or licensed items.

Exhibitor Hall Information


Nikkei Centre Main Hall

Open Hours

Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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